How to program a paper

I recommend to use Latex to write a paper. You can use latex well if you have well structured theory.


How ever, there should be a sean we must use Microsoft Word, for that case, here is my recommendation that was created when I had been used Word some years ago.


Key-based SSH connection

Use public key authentication for SSH on the internet.

SFTP on Ubuntu

We can use nautilus for SFTP on genome desktop environment. It's procedure to use key authentication may be as following,

  1. eval `ssh-agent`: launch ssh-agent to manage you private key.
  2. ssh-add "path-to-key": register your private key to the agent. Using this, you can omit password input after this step.
  3. Opening Nautilus, then select Connect to server.
  4. Enter a string like "s" in the text box entitled "server address". Note that you can use another protocol like ftp, smb, webdav.

Linux tips